Deput 2016!

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Hello everyone! Well, so the working in the studio has started again in this weekend by the Blind secrecy group. We recorded 2 more songs for the becoming debut album or rather we start to record...


First in turn as usual was the drums.

We started our job early at the day in last friday and in the end the day streched to 15 hours. Of course first we built our equipments etc. and the we made the demo tracks for the songs.
In the beginning we had some problems with the technology and some testings but when we force to fall our problems everything went well after all, and kick ass tracks started to show in the tape.
In principle the sounds were good and for example we didn't have to tune the drums at all. We recorded and finished one song with the drums during friday.

In saturday we arrived "early" at the studio to continue our recordings. We thought that the 5-6 hours rest is enough, so we can continue. Hymiö smile
Now in turn was a bit longer song which also showed very good song. This song came a last minute before the recordings started, but good that it reached to album on time.

Saturday wasn't a long day as friday was, so we spend just about 13 hours in the studio. Hymiö smile
Anyhow the day was succeeded and the drums for that song has been done. At the end of the day we listen those two songs yet,
and we note that there's exactly what it should be in the songs.

I have to say again that the material get us surprised very positively. The other of those songs is a bit older, but it definately deserved to come in the album. Now its shape and sound are perfect. This newer song is like a diamond again. Fortunately it decided to take in the album and made it ready.

We decided yet that we'll record in sunday too, and because all the drums are ready and finished we recorded the acoustic guitars. Now there's acoustic guitars in all the songs which need it or it's composed. Today was short day in the studio for real, about 6-7 hours.

The album will mature a little by little, but all the time anyway. The songs sounds better and better all the time, but that's the point
during the process.

Great thanks to Jape our studio engineer for the studio work and everything as well as strong and long nerves.

Next in turn are the recordings rest of the guitars for the new songs, the bass and then the vocals. We'll inform you when it's topical. Now we'll take a breathe a bit and the album making will continue.

Until then so long and see ya! Stay tuned!

Niko/Blind secrecy