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Hello for everyone!

Time to put some update in english also. Year 2015 is close to an end and it has included a lot of things. But still things are going forward and what's important the recordings will continue soon. So the album will mature little by little. We decided to record 2 songs more to the album so it takes a little time more, but anyway the things are going on all the time and few rehearsals yet before we start recordings again. Now we take few days rest before we will go back to the rehearsaling place and finish the rest of the songs for the album. So the masterpiece will get 2 diamonds more to make everything perfect and it's like a cherry on the top of the cake. More information will come when we'll start the recordings again. The studio wizard Jape from the "Kuuma muusa" band is again our studio engineer or should I say STILL our studio engineer and he will be working intensively with us until the album is ready.

Now I wanna wish a happy end of the year 2015 and happy new year for everyone. Let's try to chill out and celebrate even lately we have received sad news from the rock n' roll world and from the world generally.

I wanna wish all the best for you people there, who have supported, followed and lived with us this thing, to all of our fans. With you this is worth of it and possible, so big thanks for you, the list is an endless so you know who you are. Hymiö smile

Now few days rest, then back in business. See you soon! Keep on rocking and stay in touch!

-Niko/Blind Secrecy