Birthday party..

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We played our ex-guitarist (Markus Sepponen) birthday party in last weekend and that's great,A big thanks to his family,Matsu & Tanja & the others and all friends who was there..!

Setlist 28.11-2015:

Enter sandman (Metallica)

It's my life (Bon jovi)

Man on the edge


Crush the trust

The chaos

Where angels fear to tread

Land of fire and ice

White wedding (Billy idol) feat Harry Lindh

The trooper (Iron maiden) feat Harry,Matsu&Mikko

Thanks to Harry 'gain..!!!


We'll start a records session 'gain and hope that we can tell you a great news in the end of this year..we'll see:)

But one thing's year 2016,we'll release a killer deput album..!

Cheers and see ya!