XmasRock was great..!

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Thanks to all amazing bands and AMAZING peoples who was in Nightclub!!!

Night was great and fun and special thanks to Lasse & Jani for the show..kiss kiss:))

Thanks to Santa claus,you're the best..!!!

Thanks to Janne,Lari,Lidia & Pekka for the supports and video and off course,special... Lari for drum "crew":)

Kärkäs,Kuuma muusa & Elephant experience for the great shows..see ya!!!

Special thanks to Harry & Lasse "The trooper still kicking the ass" & off course "White wedding" Kärkkäinen:)

A big special thanks to all peoples who was there... see ya in next year!!!


Setlist in XmasRock:

Man on the edge


Crush the trust

The chaos

Where angels fear to tread

Land of fire & ice

White wedding (Billy idol ) feat.Harry Lindh & Jari Kärkkäinen

The trooper ( Iron Maiden ) feat.Harry Lindh & Lasse Hyytinen